Sony launched a Xperia series smartphone in the MWC 2018.

Sony is mostly famous for its TV and music players. But sony also entered the mobile market with the Xperia phones. In 2104-15 sony made a huge contribution in the mobile world but could not make it ever lasting. Smartphone companies like Samsung, moto launched phones with the same or even more specs than sony  and in a reasonable price range. The sony Xperia XZ2 is their next phone in

Samsung galaxy S9&S9+: The best camera phone launched at the MWC!!

In the previous blog we talked everything about the Samsung galaxy S9 and S9+ but the camera. The heart of this phone is the camera.  The S9 will come with a 12 megapixels of primary camera and 8 megapixel front facing camera. On the other hand galaxy S9+ has dual camera setup each having 12mp and the front facing camera is same as the galaxy S9. Coming to the built

Samsung galaxy S9 and S9+ launched in the MWC 2018

So the wait for the best camera phone is over. Samsung has launched the galaxy S9 and S9+ in the MWC held at Barcelona. According to Samsungs president of mobile communication ’DJ KOH’ S9 is the best smartphone for their camera performance. Last year samsung launched an AI named “BIXBY”. This artificial intelligence platform is going to be the main turn for their later releasing devices. Samsung has come out