People who love huge display phones can now add one more to their phonesack. It is rumored that Xiaomi is going to launch the Mi Max 3 later this year. Mi Max and Mi Max 2 both were a hit flagship from Xiaomi in India. Xiaomi’s success in India is just because of their reasonable flagship phones. Mi Max 3 will be added in one of them.

Coming to the specs of this device:

  1. Mi Max 3 is expected to launch with a 6.99 inch wide display with 18:9 aspect ratio.
  2. Battery capacity is upto 5500 mAh(one great thing about Xiaomi).
  3. There is still no confirmation about which processor the device is going to use. Whether it the Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 or the 660 processor. The chipset totally depends on the price.
  4. Camera quality is not much updated than the Mi Max 2.


Xiaomi has added the wireless charging feature to this phone which is a max plus point for the MI fans in India. It is rumored to have an Iris scanner too. No date such given about its release neither we can predict the price of the device. The phone can range between 20k-30k INR.


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