After five long years, we received much awaited Gmail design. Firstly I am going to tell you how you can activate the new design of Gmail for your account. Let me clear one thing that these design changes is only for Gmail web which you use on computer and laptop, not for the Gmail app which you use on your mobile. But there is one cool feature for the mobile app that you will get it below.

Firstly open up your Gmail account on computer or laptop then click on the setting icon and then click on the first option try the new Gmail. Gmail takes some time for loading depending on your internet speed. Then you will see the Welcome page and a brand new Gmail logo.

Click next and select a view for your Gmail account. I am selecting default view you can choose it depending on your convenience. Now you can see the brand new design of Gmail. If you don’t like this new design you can simply go back to the old Gmail design for that go to setting and click on the go back to the classic Gmail.

  1. G Suite Apps:

As you open the new Gmail design you notice three icons that are the calendar, keep and task are present above the right sidebar. The task is kind of new thing that you see in Gmail.  After setting up the task you can simply add the task to it.

You can also select the date for that task. You can also drag the mail into the task and set your task and date for it. You can click on the “plus” sign below and then you can add the bunch of apps in Gsuite Marketplace.

  1. New Interface:

After 5 years, we got this new interface for our Gmail and this one is cool. As you can see the new Gmail design comes with lots of changes and new things. The new Gmail logo and name on the top right corner then we have new compose button which looks dope. Then we have snoozed option below starred.

If you simply hold the cursor on the mail then you can see Archive, delete, mark as read and snoozed option on right side. I like this email design because of this reason. Now you can see your attachments below the mail no need to open the mail to see the attachments. If you don’t like attachments here, you simply go to the setting and display density to change your view.

  1. Confidential mode:

Google introduced confidential mode to secure your data. With confidential mode, you can protect your content or data by creating expiration date or revoking previously sent message because you can require additional authentication via text message to view an email.  Information Rights Management(IRM) controls also allows you to remove the option to download, copy, forward or print message. Till now, this feature is not available in Gmail. Google promised that it will be coming in coming few weeks.

gmail confidential mode
  1. Security:

Google redesigned security warning in Gmail so that they are simpler to understand. This risk warning page comes when it detects email received from the suspicious source. The page displays warning text and offers “Delete now” option.

gmail security
  1. Nudge for replies:

Google introduced a new AI-powered feature in Gmail like “nudge” and high priority notification. “Nudge” feature will prompt users to follow up and respond to the message that hasn’t been replied to. For received mail, Gmail will use text like “Received n days ago. Reply?” and for sent mail, Gmail will use the text “Received n days ago.Follow up?”.

gmail nudge reply
  1. Smart Reply:

Gmail introduced smart reply last year for the mobile app. Now, they introduced smart reply for Gmail on the web to help you to respond to message faster. Gmail will detect when questions have been sent to your inbox and will offer responses in variations of Yes, No, or Maybe. These replies will vary depending on the context and history of messages. If you’re already using the Gmail app, you know what these look like.

  1. Native offline mode:

This is one of the cool features that Gmail added for Gmail web. New native offline capabilities in Gmail on the web can help you work without interruption when you are not connected to the internet. It supports Search, write, respond, deletes, or archive up to 90 days of mail, just as you would work online, but offline. You can start using offline capabilities in coming weeks.

  1. Features on mobile:

High priority notification:

high priority notification

Gmail introduced High priority notification on the mobile to help you minimize interruptions. This is the setting that notifies only important messages keeping interruption minimum.

Using AI, Gmail can recommend when to unsubscribe from mailing list. Unsubscribe suggestion appear based on How many emails you get from the sender and how many emails you actually read. You will get this feature in coming weeks.

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