Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai announced a very new feature of Google Assistant at the I/O developer conference. In this new feature, Google Assistant is going to make actual calls for you. Yes, u heard it right the assistant is going to make real calls for you. Whether you want to book a table in a restaurant, or you want to take an appointment in a salon, or you want to book an appointment with your doctor, Google Assistant will do all the things you want it to do. And after making a conversation, it will send you a confirmation notification that your appointment has been booked.
In fact, the conversations that are not quite expected, the assistant will handle them very gracefully. The assistant will use some natural words like ‘umm..’ which we normally use. In the I/O developer conference, Sundar Pichai gave examples of how the assistant is going to make calls. And yes it proved that the assistant is going to save a lot of time of people.
Sundar Pichai announced that they are working on this new technology for so many years. It is called Google Duplex. And yes the fruitful results will be shown to us in some of the coming weeks.
The amazing thing is that the assistant can actually understand the nuances of conversation. It will save time for people and generate a value for many businesses..

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