Google Duo has added a new feature of video message in it’s app. If the person whom you are calling is busy or is unable to video chat with you then the user can leave a video message.

If the person to whom you are calling declines or misses the call, then you can record a video message of maximum 30 seconds and send it to the person , who will receive this message in the Google Duo app. To play a video message they have received from you they simply have to tap their icon. “Video messages automatically disappear within a day after you first watch them, but you can always save your favorites locally to your phone”, as stated by Google.

This feature has been started out on Android and iOS today, and will be available worldwide over the next several days.

With this feature on Google Duo, users can  share their important moments and messages, even when friends and family can’t take their calls. Video messages are secure and end-to-end encrypted on Google Duo.

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