How to get Aadhar authentication history??

Are you worried if your aadhar being misused? Not to..We will tell how you can see your aadhar authentication history. Now you can easily check it out where and when your aadhar has been used. Just follow these simple steps :


Step 1:  Go to UIDAI website.


Step 2: Enter your 12 digit Aadhar number. Then enter the given security code and click ‘generate otp’. This will create an otp to your registered mobile number , so keep your mobile number handy.


Step 3: The page that opens will ask  the following details: Authentication Type; Select Date Range; Number of Records; and OTP.


Choose the option ‘All’ in authentication type.

Date range can be selected for past six months that is you can fetch your aadhar history for the past six months.

Select number of records 50. This will provide 50 maximum records of your aadhar history.

The otp that was sent to your registered mobile number has to be now entered in the otp bar.

After that click the submit button.


Where ever your aadhar has been used it will show up on the screen.


Step 4: In case you find any misuse of your Aadhaar information you can complain to UIDAI by calling on Toll free No. 1947.


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