Haven’t  got the access to the payment icon under your whatsapp menu? No worries. Few simple steps here will get you to it.

As whatsapp wants to provide more features for their users, they have created whatsapp payment. A payment feature that allows a user to send or receive money from another from his/hers own contacts. It’s like one tap money share. In the last year google introduced a same app called “Google Tez”. The payment feature in whatsapp is much similar to the Tez app.

As most of the android and ios users have accessed to whatsapp, for their day to day life,this app is very useful.

Few steps to get whatsapp payment feature on your phone:

Step 1: If any of your friend has the payment feature he/she can just send money to you. After which your friend will get a pop-up on his/her screen that says ‘your friend needs to setup the payment feature’. And that’s it. You will get the payment feature in the top of your linked icon.

Step 2:  Whatsapp will ask to link your bank account via your phone number.

Step 3: Once your number is verified select your respective bank give access to your account.


Step 4: An OTP will be sent to your phone number which will help you to create a 4-digit UPI pin.

Step 5: This is it, now you can send or request money from your friend by just enterig the UPI pin.

The only limitation to this feature is that money can be shared from person to person. But people using whatsapp business will not be able to use this feature for some time being. Whatsapp is going to give this update for business as well in coming days.


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