Incognito mode for Youtube app is coming… : Youtube incognito mode

Incognito mode or private mode is a quite popular feature right now. Millions of people who want to hide their online activity from being public or tracked use Incognito mode and love that feature. You are using Incognito mode feature probably by different name. For instance, Chrome calls it “Incognito mode” but Firefox call it “Private browsing mode”.

The Youtube has already a way to enable incognito mode but it is not easy or we say critical. For that, you have to go to settings then go to history and privacy and toggling on the to pause watch and search history. But people don’t use it because it is a not convenient method. One can also sign out and use the app like that.

Youtube incognito mode

Now youtube will make a little easier to go into an incognito mode or you can say private browsing mode without going to settings and without having to disable it. Google has been made aware of this and is currently testing new placement for the feature.

Incognito mode will show up when you tap on your avatar at top right corner. Now, you see switch account and sign out as two different items, but they will be combined together into one, with the new slot or empty slot being given to Turn on incognito.

youtube incognito mode

If you open new incognito tab or with incognito mode on, all your activity from current section is not saved and also subscriptions are hidden. If you were signed out without being so, and there is incognito icon will replace your avatar. If you turn off incognito or become inactive on youtube, you will be back to using your own account.

As of now, we didn’t receive this feature. This incognito mode feature for youtube will be rolling out in coming weeks.

Source: Android Police

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