Is your Phone or Tablet is really certified Android by Google: How to check it?

The smartphone market is increasing day by day. Smartphone helps us almost in our every work and makes our life easy. If you have a budget for flagship smartphone you probably go for Samsung Galaxy S9, Google pixel 2, Huawei P20 pro etc. If you want to buy midrange smartphone with good specification and camera probably you go for Xiaomi and Motorola.

There are lots of Chinese brands who offers good specification at the low price. The Chinese e-commerce websites sometimes show the smartphone that we never heard about it. They offer good specifications and features but, they are really certified by Google? Is that smartphones are under GMS(i.e.Google Mobile services)?

As a part of GMS program, the device must pass through Compatibility Test Suite(i.e.CTS) for every android version. It is important because of open source nature of an Android operating system. Android devices by manufacturers have to sign for GMS for pre-install Google Play store, Gmap, Gmail etc. This certification is important because without it the device is not working properly with Google play store and other Google Apps.

The smartphones are loaded with Google play store and Google Apps doesn’t mean that they are certified by Google. There are several other methods to install Google play store and Google Apps like root the device and install Flash GApps package. Sometimes you can directly install the Apps like Amazon Fire devices.

Check that your device is certified by Android or not because Google started to block access to GApps to GMS uncertified android devices. Last year, Google Play store started showing device certification status in setting page. This is recommended method to check Android certification status. This is the useless way because you have to buy the device to check this certification.

Now there is webpage maintained by Google which contains all the android devices name that allowed to use the Google play store and who have GMS certification. This page finds out by XDA developer, because this page is not linked to any Google,s Certified Android or Google Mobile Services page.

Check your phone or tablet is certified by Android.
1. To access the page, Click here.
2. There is option naming “Full list of supported devices”
3. View as a PDF or CSV.
4. Open up this file in Microsoft Excel or Google spreadsheet.
5. Press Ctrl-F for search and search your phone name or code.

6. If your device is on the list then your device is certified by Google. If your device is not on the list don’t buy that device because that device is not certified by Google and maybe you face some problems to use Google Apps and Google Play store.

source: XDA developer

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