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The all new Jaguar I-Pace which runs on electricity.

The British car company “Jaguar” has recently launched the I-pace electric car. The car comes with a single speed gear box with two electric motors on both the ends of 4WD each. The I-pace has 394 BHP, that means the car can catch a speed from 0 to 60mph within less than 4.5 seconds. The battery is situated all over the down aisle of the car. Total LED display on the dashboard. The car will cost approx. 63000 British pounds(56,71,076 INR). But for that we have to get a grant from government which costs around 4,500 British pounds. As the car is totally electric there is no requirement of the combustion engine in the bonnet. So the size of the bonnet is reduced than the f-pace model. This gives the car more interior room. It the car gets DC 100kW rapid charger then it can touch 0-80% in just 45mins. But the car actually comes with 7kW AC Wall Box Home charging (0-80% in 10 hours). The interior is as flawless as other models of the same brand.  All in all it is the best car for a family person. Jaguar is not the first company to launch an electric car but is actually worth a buy.


Parth Waghmare
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