In an interview with The Verge , oneplus has confirmed that the  oneplus 6 will have a iphone x style notch on the top of display. One plus has shared official image of upcoming oneplus device(e.g. oneplus 6) and it have a notch. The notch style display was started by Essential but goes in trend by Apple. There are earpiece, front facing camera, proximity and ambient light sensor, and LED notification light present in the notch.

Carl Pei says that “What we are essentially doing is moving the entire notification bar up giving user more content on their screen”. oneplus 6 have smaller notch than iphone x because they don’t have a Face ID feature. The clock has been moved to left which allows more space foe status icons.  OnePlus is also taking great care to make sure the notch doesn’t interfere with video. When a video is playing the notch is disguised with a black bar, essentially shrinking the screen to a more normal aspect ratio.

Though display notch remains controversial among users, there is no doubt that it does free up extra display space. Pei says that, Oneplus is adamant that their choice to use the notch is purely hardware based. The Oneplus 6 is expected to launch in coming months, as of now no official release date has been confiremed.

Source : The Verge


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