Sony is mostly famous for its TV and music players. But sony also entered the mobile market with the Xperia phones. In 2104-15 sony made a huge contribution in the mobile world but could not make it ever lasting. Smartphone companies like Samsung, moto launched phones with the same or even more specs than sony  and in a reasonable price range.

The sony Xperia XZ2 is their next phone in xperia series which is launched in the MWC this year. A great phone with a price that ranges between 50-60k INR. Sony phones are known for their water resistance. This device too have a water resistance body.

Coming to the actual specs of the device:

  1. The device comes with 5.7 inches HDR display with 18:9 ascpect ratio. The screen is made up of Gorilla galss 5.
  2. The battery capacity of this device is 3180mAh. The device also supports wireless fast charging.
  3. The phone runs with SoC Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor with Android 8.0(Oreo). It consists of 4gb of ram with 64gb internal memory. A micro sd slot is also given for extending the memory capacity.
  4. The phone weighs 198grams.
  5. It has a USB C-type port. No 3.5mm port is given to the device.
  6. The device has powerful dual front facing speakers.
  7. Sony says this device is the worlds first 4K video recording device. The phone comes with 19megapixels of primary camera and 5megapixel front facing camera. The device has a super slo-mo feature(960fps). The camera is more powerful than the Samsung galaxy S9 as it shoots the video in 720p. The camera not only captures the images in 4K but also in 4K HDR. This is an impressive improvement in the device.
  8. The price of sony xperia XZ2 is around 800euros(apprx.64000INR) and the XZ2 compact is around 600euros(48000 INR).

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