Now you can operate your Smartphone from Microsofts Windows 10 App.

Microsoft is launching new “Your App” app for Windows 10 today at its Microsoft Build 2018 conference. The app gives you to access your smartphone photos, text, notification and some other features to Windows 10 pc. It sounds similar to the Ios and macOS device work. It’s a concept that Dell tried this year, allowing calls and notification display on PC. Microsoft can give you more android features to Windows

Microsoft announced Project Kinect for Azure which combines AI and next-generation depth camera.

The most interesting thing in today’s Microsoft Build 2018 conference is Project Kinect for Azure. After first Kinect motion sensing input device this is the big news by Microsoft about this. The Kinect lineup has included in Xbox 360, Xbox One and Windows but the technology also has been used in Microsoft Hololens. Microsoft hasn’t provided information on Project Kinect for Azure. The package is based on Microsofts next-generation depth