WhatsApp “Delete for everyone” feature new update….!!!

The Facebook-owned app WhatsApp has got a new update now. It’s delete for everyone feature has updated so that users can delete the messages within 4096s ie, 1 hour 8 minutes and 16 seconds. This  feature is currently set for WhatsApp Android beta version 2.18.69. This feature will be soon available for Android and iOS users. This means that only WhatsApp Android beta testers can take advantage of ‘Delete for

Whatsapp group description feature has been rolled out for beta users.

Whatsapp introduced number of new and amazing features in whatsapp in past six months. In whatsapp, group features are very limited , boring and too outdated. If you are bored with whatsapp group features, Don’t worry about that because whatsapp has introduced a new feature for beta users that is whatsapp group description feature. As you saw in screenshot, there is new option added below group picture “Add group description”.

How to get access to the new Whatsapp payment feature?

Haven’t  got the access to the payment icon under your whatsapp menu? No worries. Few simple steps here will get you to it. As whatsapp wants to provide more features for their users, they have created whatsapp payment. A payment feature that allows a user to send or receive money from another from his/hers own contacts. It’s like one tap money share. In the last year google introduced a same