The Tesla CEO Elon Musk lately uploded a picture of the new tesla electric trucks at the gigafactory in Nevada on his instagram(7th march 2018). The trucks will start their journey from the gigafactory1 to their California factory which is about 250miles and will head back too. Which means in total 500 miles of testing with the loads onboard.
Elon Musk gave a statement in the past that the electric semi trucks are capable of going 500 miles in a single electric charge while hauling a 80,000 pounds load.

The production of the semi, priced between $150,000-$200,000, which comes with a drivetarian guarentee to last 1million miles, will start in 2019. It will come with Tesla’s auto-pilot system, which is their car maker driver assistance that uses sensors, radars and cameras to speeding up and slowing down according to the traffic and road condition.

Tesla will give more details about their semi’s later this year.

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